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Contact DUI, Traffic & Criminal Defense Attorney James L. Finegan before it is too late

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The Strongest Defense against Colorado DUI, Traffic and Criminal Charges

Since 1980, Attorney James L. Finegan has been providing people accused of intoxicated/impaired driving, criminal offenses and traffic violations with the strongest possible defense. Known for fighting for his clients’ rights and interests in any legal setting, he is dedicated to providing each client with the highest quality DUI, Criminal and Traffic defense representation so they can obtain the best possible outcomes to their cases.

His vigorous legal advocacy in court is matched by his commitment to keeping clients informed, providing them with responsive legal service and giving them honest answers about their case and options at every phase. He will work diligently and relentlessly to defend the accused and help them refute prosecutors’ allegations and also do what it takes to resolve his clients’ DUI, traffic or criminal case as favorably as possible.

His goal is to help anyone accused of a DUI, traffic or criminal offense in Colorado successfully navigate the criminal justice system so they can put their case behind them and focus on the future.

DUI/DWAI Charges

DUI Client Meeting

Field Sobriety Tests

Did you know that there can be various defenses against “failed” field sobriety tests?


Vehicular Homicide Defense

Don’t let vehicular homicide charges threaten your freedom and future. Mr. Finegan can help defend you against these charges.


Hit & Run Defense

Accused of fleeing the scene of an accident? Mr. Finegan can help you explain your side of the story.


Drug Related DUIs

Though more can be at stake in drug-related DUI cases, there may be more defense options for them.


Challenging Your DUI in Court

Explaining your side in court can be daunting. Attorney James L. Finegan can help you challenge DUI charges in any legal setting.


First Offense DUIs

First-time DUIs can be some of the most important cases to defend. Here’s why.


Repeat Offense DUIs

Subsequent DUIs can lead to harsher penalties, maybe felony charges. Mr. Finegan can help you fight repeat DUI charges.


Underage DUI

Mistakes and poor choices can lead to underage DUIs. Let Mr. Finegan protect your child’s future with the strongest DUI defense.


DLCommercial Driver DUI

DUI charges for commercial drivers can be career ruining. But they don’t have to be with Mr. Finegan overseeing your defense.


DUI frequently asked question

Have questions about DUI charges? Here are the answers you are looking for.


Ignition Interlock Device

IIDs can be a costly penalty of DUI convictions. Here are the facts you should know about IIDs.


Criminal Defense


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can have some immediate impacts – even before your case goes to court.


Drug Possession

Don’t let drug possession charges damage your future. Let Attorney James L. Finegan help you defend yourself.


Juvenile Crimes

When minors face criminal charges, having a strong defense will be critical. Mr. Finegan can help.


Traffic Violations


Speeding Tickets

Don’t just plead guilty to a speeding ticket. Attorney James L. Finegan can help you obtain a better resolution.


Reckless Driving

Reckless driving charges can cost you your license. Let Mr. Finegan help you protect your driving privileges.


Suspended License

Driving on a suspended license can lead to 6 months in jail. But it doesn’t have to with Attorney James L. Finegan on your side.


Red Light Violations

Ticketed for running a red light? Call Mr. Finegan before you pay the fine and plead guilty.


quoteMr. Finegan has represented me in court several times, and has gotten me out of quite a few finicky legal situations. He is a very good lawyer and has never performed less than wonderfully. He seems very connected in the legal community, which really helps with his persuasion skills and outcomes. He recently won for me a case we were sure we were going lose. He digs deep and finds the important information that you need to win your case. He is personable, punctual and effective. I recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation. While you hope never to need legal services, if you do, Jim Finegan is the best possible lawyer.

quote I have used James Finegan for many speeding tickets and tons of law advice he is always getting me out of a pinch, great lawyer i will use him in the future for all my law needs!


When Breathalyzer Results May NOT Be Accurate or Reliable

When it’s time to evaluate motorists’ blood alcohol content (BACs) during DUI stops, breath or blood tests can be administered. And how these tests are administered can make a big difference in whether their results are accurate versus questionable – or possibly completely unreliable.

In terms of breath tests specifically, the following are […]

Jan 31, 2016|

How Long Will I Lose My License after a Colorado DUI?

It depends on whether you submitted to chemical testing in the DUI stop, as well as whether you have any prior DWAI or DUI convictions on your record.
An Overview of License Suspensions for Colorado DUIs
The following table presents an overview of the driver’s license suspensions that are typically imposed for different drunk […]

Jan 24, 2016|